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Sylvie Krstulovic

I am more than curious to start reading the first chapter...


Steve Nelson

Congratulations Gerd! As always... a very thought provoking figure in digital media.

Can't wait to see your views on the next stage of digital distribution.

All the best

Wim Reijnen

As always, this will be a MUST read. I'm looking forward to many more chapters.

Florin Grozea (Hi-Q)

Now that is good news! I will subscribe for your Blook, I am a fan of your work since I read 'Future of music'!


Hi - I came to your page from the link at your It's great and I like listening to it!
Did you know that you can also embed your kyte-TV-Channel into you website? It's very easy: simply klick on the "Embed this channel" link below your TV-Channel and copy the code.

Have a good time and see you on kyte!

Greetings. Claudio.

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